DCB Bank, M2P launches mobile wallet service YAP

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DCB Bank, M2P launches mobile wallet service YAP

DCB Bank and M2P, a digital payment solutions company, have jointly launched a new platform YAP for wallet services.

“DCB Bank has partnered with M2P to offer the ‘YAP’ digital payment suite targeting businesses going digital and looking to adopt bank-grade solutions. This sophisticated platform will enable retail brands and businesses to provide digital payment suites on their websites and mobile applications,” DCB Bank said in a release today.

The Bank’s digital wallet can be embedded into any website or mobile application and has a high level of security, reliability and trust, it said.

It includes a host of features including one-click checkout and instant processing of refunds as well as voucher and coupon offers.

Further, customers have the option to add a Visa Prepaid Card linked to their digital wallets to power online commerce transactions and payments to offline merchants, said the bank.

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