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January 25, 2016



The industry level wage negotiations have successively established that uniformity in wages to the work force in the Industry. Smallest to largest, loss making bank to profit earning bank are placed at the same position. The uniformity in wages and service conditions is the fine fabric, which facilitated the bondage amongst the banking workforce. The “One for all and all for One” the adage suits to the achievements made in the Industry.

The Khandelwal Committee recommendations on wages, service conditions and welfare clearly stipulated that
PSBs to have freedom to negotiate to create a better mix between compensation and Performance; Boards to decide on
bank-specific wage and compensation structure in relation to capacity to pay, profitability, productivity etc and within the
Government guidelines.Banks to consider variable Pay as major component of wages facilitating the discretion to go in
for Cost to company CTC concept”.

In the earlier wage negotiations, there were attempts to bring these factors to play. Collective and sustained campaign against the recommendations had blunted the approach of the Owners and negotiators. These prescriptions are brought in a different form in the GYAN SANGAM Recommendations, which was held at Pune on Jan 2-3, 2015.

The then IBA Chairman, Mr. T.M.Bhasin submitted a report on the issues and progress made on the Recommendations of Working Group, under building a Robust People Strategy for PSBs lays down their clear intentions:


Move from industry level to Bank level settlement agenda to be pursued 10th Bipartite settlement is reaching its finality and will be in force upto 31.10.2017 The Banks one year before the expiry of the settlement should initiate dialogue to move out of Industry level settlement and negotiate for productivity linked settlement on cost to company basis based on the paying capacity of each bank
Commit to improve operational efficiency to significantly increase P/B through Already Banks have robust risk management system for improving the management and operational efficiency. They have adopted bottom line target based approach for targeted top line growth. Work is in progress to leverage4 technology to reduce the operational cost, improve productivity as sell as to improve customer satisfaction and convenience. Banks are advised to deliberate the initiatives at the Board level committees and formulate Board approved policies for effective execution.
-improve credit risk management capabilities
-shift to bottom line based targets
-leverage technology to reduce opex and improve productivity
-Develop capital light operating models
Rapid re orientation of small PSUs. Individual Banks should deliberate at the Board level and recommended to DFS.
–          Re orient portfolio Risk based pricing has been introduced.
–          Restructure or consolidate
–          Price appropriately for risk across all products / segments
Implemented and will be further fine tuned


The LIC wage notification has already been released by the Government. There is a departure from the time tested approach that the pattern of settlement and % of increase offered in our Industry are more or less followed in other financial sector branches too.

When the ink has not dried of the present wage revision with some of the issues of hospitalisation scheme hanging in fire of serving as well as Retirees and Record Note on Retirees issues not addressed at all, how come the owners are becoming so benevolent is a million dollar question.

The notification of the Government is to be read, before setting the plan for the next wage negotiations. When RBI pressure mounts up to cleanse the balance sheet by March 2017, can the owners be benevolent to workers in this country ?

LET US CAUTIOUSLY PURSUE THE ISSUES as the hidden agenda of the Government is aiming at putting an end to the Industry Level Settlement and put in place the capacity to pay as well as give a final shape to the Cost to Company concept partially brought into stay in the current wage revision.

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