January 13, 2016

– 30 years of Purposeful existence.

All India Central Bank Officers Association, (AICBOA), was founded on the shores of Bay of Bengal on 13th January,1985,at Chennai, by the towering personality Com.Tarakda, the leader of leaders, as per the decisions of the AIBEA, to organise the officers under the banner of AIBOA.

The foundation conference elected Com.A.Sundar Rao, a leader par excellence, who single handedly fought during the emergency regime, from the undivided Andhra Pradesh and Com.V.Krishnamoorthy, the then Secretary of AIBOA, as President and General Secretary respectively. Under their leadership, the first joint talk with the Management was held on 28th Novemeber 1985.

The Mumbai unit was represented in the AICBOA team by Com.M.D.Karnik as Vice President and the under signed , as Joint Secretary. By virtue of locational placement of Com.M.D.Karnik at Mumbai and also of certain organisational requirement ,it was decided by the office bearers in consultation with Com.Tarakda, Com. M.D.Karnik was entrusted with the responsibility of handling the Central Secretariat of AICBOA at Mumbai.

Under the leadership of Com.M.D.Karnik, in the Central Committee held at Hyderabad, it was decided to launch a joint agitation, to realise the demand of union office for AICBOA and also formulation of Transfer Policy for officers, culminating with a one day strike in APRIL 1992. The action programmes were totally backed by AICBEF. The central office management realising the collective strength of both federations, ultimately committed in writing to provide the office space for AICBOA and also to finalise the transfer policy for officers within a defined period. The office premise of AICBOA was declared open by the immortal leader Com Tarakda in the presence of M S.D.Dhopeshswarkar, past president of AIBEA from Maharashtra.

Once again at Hyderabad, in the year 1996 in the CC meeting of both Federations, decided to escalate action programmes to realise the much needed fast track promotion for scale I to II and also to put a halt the abolition of Foreign Exchange officers unilaterally by the management. Transfer policy implementation for Officers was also an another demand. Our decision to kick start the agitation in 1996,fully backed by the leadership of AICBEF, brought a much sought after relief to officers in Scale I and II on 31.7.1996 under the leadership of Com.Rajan Majumdar and the undersigned .The ripple effects of the minutes of understanding arrived at by AICBOA on 31/07/1996 sparked off an agitation by the other officers organisation from 15th August 1996 to 3rd April 1997.The agitation was abruptly withdrawn by the AIBOC leadership of MR.Shantha Raju and Mr.Shanthi Ranjan Sengupta, without involving Mr.R.C.Agarwal in the discussions at all with the Central Bank Management.

Our friend, philosopher and guide, Com.Tarakda breathed his last on 2.05.2003 after returning from Mumbai. The last trade union office visited by him was our AICBOA office at 8th Floor of Chandermukhi Building, Mumbai. He was the force behind our AICBOA growth, and experiment of the philosophy of working together works, the saying coined by the yesteryear leaders of AP STATE Com.C.V.Raghuveer, member preparatory committee for formulation transfer and Promotion policy for officers.

Right from the date of foundation from Chennai till the moving spirit of trade union movement left us in lurch, AICBOA had the equal status in the matter of joint talks facilities, participation in the Business Development meetings with the Bank, leave facility to attend the meetings of the conferences, participation in the Staff welfare committee etc., with the other organisation of officers in Central Bank of India.1985 to 2003were remembered by the officers fraternity in Central bank as golden era. From 18.06.2003,the deterioration in the welfare activities of officers because of the excessive leaning of the other officer organisation with the management emboldened the management to inflict lot of miseries.

Unable to bear the brunt of the excesses committed by the management against the members and Us in the Bank, all the unions under the banner of UFCBU, observed a day strike in Feb 2007 compelling the management to sign a settlement with the striking workforce. The matter of atrocities were brought to the notice of the then Prime Minister DR.Manamohan Singh and the finality could be sorted at. The role of minority unions, were well recognised by the conscious decision of the top management of the Bank.

Under the guise of controlling the TU activities and also cover the large scale lapses of the management in the matter of Bad loans, new Industrial relations policy was adopted by the top management, which was thrust on the all unions without exception. The end result of the new dispensation of the IR norms is taking back all of us to pre independence era/private sector period. Gagging the genuine voice of the Trade Union to realise just and rightful benefits accrued over period of three decades is the move of present management. The worst sufferers of the moves are officers- indiscriminate disciplinary actions, farcical departmental enquiries, withdrawal of facilities to TUs in spite of substantial membership of officers with AICBOA.

Trade Unions are considered as instruments for social change, the saying goes. It is slowly bartered away consciously or unconsciously by the community of workforce.

As AIBOA strongly believes that THE POWER OF UNION CONQUERS ALL, let us pursue the path of sustained resistance movement against the uncalled moves of the management, strangulating the TUs in Central Bank of Ind


Yours comradely,

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