December 18, 2015



AIBOA, our organization is known for its distinct character in identifying with the sufferings of the common people at large. In tune with the demands of the time, ours is the only organization which has established a Trust for the Unorganised workforce in the Country.

The entire people of Tamilnadu are yet to come to terms from the nature’s fury that affected the State in two spells in the last week of November and the first of week of December 2015. Central Government has declared that the damages suffered by the State as Natural Calamity and two doses of relief of Rs 940 crores plus Rs 1000 crores have been released to reconstruct the state against a demand of the State Government of Rs.20000 crores from the Central Government.

Our organization, AIBOA (Tamilnadu State Committee) and Canara Bank Officers’ Union have jointly undertaken the job of handing over the relief materials to the flood affected villages in Cuddalore district. AIBOA team consisting of Com.V.Ramabhadran, Com.D.S.Ganesan, besides the Undersigned, AIBOA(TNSC) team headed by Com.M.A.Srinivasan, Com.Sampathkumar, Regional Secretary, Southern Region, United Bank of India Officers Association, Canara Bank Officers’ Union, led by Com.P.R.Rajagopal, President, Com.C.Ramesh, Secretary, Com.S.Muthukrishnan,Treasurer, Com.R.Balasubramanian, CC Member and Associate members of CBOU, Com.N.Venkataraman and Com.V.Krishnan participated.

The logistics plan were properly drawn by Com.P.M.J. Elangovan Former Officer bearer of CBEU-TN, Com.Sampath, Senior Manager Canara Bank, Cuddalore, Com.Ramalingam (Karaikadu), Com.Elangovan (Palur), Com.V.Globe, Com.Vadivelu (AITUC),Com.Manivasagam, District Secretary, CPI for reaching the relief materials directly to the victims of the nature’s fury.

The victims living in the Villages benefited from our contributions are; Ramanathakuppam, Nochikadu, Palvathunan, Villianallur, Manikollai andAlamelumangapuram. Besides a school run for mentally retarded people EZHUCHI was also provided with 80 relief materials. In all 920 bed sheets and 920 plastic mats were given to people living in the villages based on the Ration Cards possessed by them through the Panchayat union representatives. In all the villages all the representatives wholeheartedly participated in the meaningful exercise.

There is a need to place on record the help extended by the Police authorities from Puduchatiram Police Station, who accompanied us in our visits to the villages to see that the distribution is orderly and without any problems. The best delivery system initiated and planned by Com.S.Muthurkishnan was executed by Com.P.M.J.Elangovan and by Mr.Deva, a volunteer from the office of DSP, Cuddalore were noteworthy and beneficiaries of the relief materials returned with a smile all along.

At the end, there was a small and befitting function to honour the comrades who volunteered to complete the task in the Bank Premises wherein the relief material to EZHUCHI was delivered.

Comrades, Com.S.Murugesan Office Secretary, Com.M.Balasubramaniam, Secretary AICBRF, Com.T.Balakrishnan CBRF, Chennai are directly responsible to procure the materials of genuine and good quality from Erode. Our profound thanks are abundantly due to them.

AIBOA is in the process of wiping out the tears from the flood ravaged victims, a theme dear to Com.RJS the visionary leader.

Yours comradely,

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