10th Bipartite Settlement – Dearness Allowance

10th bipartite Settlement

10th Bipartite Settlement – Dearness Allowance

Dearness Allowance

In substitution of Clause 7 of Bipartite Settlement dated 27th April 2010 with effect from 1st November 2012, the Dearness Allowance shall be payable as per the following rates:-

Clerical and Subordinate Staff 0.10% of ‘pay’

Note: Dearness Allowance in the above manner shall be paid for every rise or fall of 4 points over 4440 points in the quarterly average of the All India Average Working Class Consumer Price Index (General) Base 1960=100.

(a) It is clarified that there shall be no ceiling on Dearness Allowance.

(b) Dearness Allowance shall be calculated and paid on Basic Pay, Special Pay, Graduation Pay, Professional Qualification Pay and Officiating Pay, if any, payable under this settlement in respect of both clerical and subordinate staff.

(c) All other existing provisions relating to Dearness Allowance Scheme shall remain unchanged.

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