10th Bipartite Settlement – Leave Fare Concession

10th bipartite Settlement

10th Bipartite Settlement – Leave Fare Concession

Leave Fare Concession

(i) In modification of Paragraph 19 of Bipartite Settlement dated 27th April 2010, with effect from the date of this Settlement, leave fare concession payable will be the actual return railway fare or steamer fare incurred by the workman and members of his family subject to the following:

a) For availment of leave fare concession under a 2 year block for visit to any place within India, the maximum permissible distance shall be 2500 kms. (one way), for the subordinate staff and 2000 kms. (one way) for non-subordinate staff.

b) For availment of leave fare concession under a 4 year block for visit to any place in India, the maximum permissible distance shall be 5000 kms. (one way) for subordinate staff and 4000 kms. (one way) for non subordinate staff.

(ii) With the effect from 1 st June 2015, the class of fare to which the workman and the members of his family would be entitled, shall be as follows:

Subordinate Staff :

AC III Tier for the journey by mail/express train.
By Steamer – II Class Cabin

Non-subordinate Staff :
II AC for the journey by mail/express train.
By Steamer – I Class Cabin

Note: The above entitlement shall also be applicable for travel on duty. Provided further that where the non-subordinate employee and / or members of his family undertake travel by air either to his place of domicile or to any other place for rest and recuperation within India, he shall be entitled to be reimbursed the actual air fare so incurred or the II AC class fare by train by a direct route in case of travel to place of domicile or to the extent of the maximum admissible distance in case of travel to any other place for rest and recuperation, during the two year/four year block respectively, whichever is less.

(iii) An employee and/or members of his family, when availing leave fare concession may undertake travel by any mode of surface transport between places and the employee will be eligible to claim in respect of such journey his actual expenditure or the notional train fare by the entitled class for the admissible distance, whichever is less, within his overall entitlement.

For the purpose of this sub-clause, travel by any approved mode of surface transport would mean such travel undertaken through any public transport or transport (including taxi) operated by agencies / tour operators approved by appropriate Government authorities or motorcar owned by the employee with permission of the Bank.

(iv) By exercising an option anytime during a block of 2 years or 4 years, as the case may be, an employee can either undertake travel availing of leave fare concession and claim reimbursement upto his entitlement or to encash the facility for the concerned block. The option so exercised shall be irrevocable for the block concerned. On opting to encash the facility, he will be entitled to receive a lump sum equivalent to notional train fare for the admissible distance (depending on a 2 year or 4 year block) by the entitled class, subject to deduction of admissible tax at source. Leave Fare Concession for travel to place of domicile is not encashable. An employee opting to encash his LFC shall prefer the claim for himself and his family members only once during the block / term in which such encashment is availed of. The facility of  encashment of privilege leave while availing of Leave Fare Concession is also available while encashing the facility of LFC.

(v) All employees will be given an opportunity to exercise an option within 90 days from the date of this Settlement to avail LFC under two years/four years block as the case may be. If no option is exercised within the stipulated period, the earlier option will continue to be operative.

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