10th Bipartite Settlement – Implementation Dates

10th bipartite Settlement

10th Bipartite Settlement – Implementation Dates


The various provisions of this Settlement shall take effect from the dates specified hereunder, unless provided to the contrary and the financial benefits emanating therefrom shall be given effect to within a period of 90 days from the date of this Settlement.

1.  Scales of Pay: As per Clause 4 1st November 2012
2. Dearness Allowance, Professional Qualification Pay/Graduation Pay, House Rent Allowance, Provident Fund, Gratuity, Fixed Personal Pay, Transport Allowance, Annual Medical Aid, Special Area Allowance, Hill & Fuel Allowance, Split Duty Allowance, Cycle Allowance, Project Area Compensatory Allowance 1st November 2012
3. Stagnation Increment – 8th 1st May 2015
4. Special Allowance 1st November 2012
5. Special Pay 1st November 2012
6.  Halting Allowance, Washing Allowance, Compensation on Transfer, Compensation for losses due to breakage of damage to goods on transfer, Reimbursement of Expenses on Road Travel 1st June 2015
7. LFC, Definition of Family, Amendments in PL, Sick Leave, Casual Leave, Extraordinary Leave 1st June 2015
8. Accumulation of PL up to 270 days 1st June 2015
9. Paternity Leave 1st June 2015
10. Special Sick Leave  1st June 2015
11. Maternity Leave, Joining Time 25th May 2015

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