Full Pension Eligibility Period to be made 20 years

11th Bipartite

The full pension eligibility period in Central

Government and RBI / NABARD are now revised to 20 years. However in Banks ,

full pension eligibility period continues to be 33 years. Hence the relevant clauses

in Pension Regulations to be amended to make full pension eligibility period to be

20 years.)

Pension should be revised for retirees in all Banks including SBI alongwith wage

revision as done for retirees from central government.

The officers who joined the bank between 01.11.1993 and 26.01.1996 have to be

covered under the pension regulations.

Provision of additional service as per the Pension Regulations to the extent of 5

years should be extended to each and every retirees in the banking industry.

Those having relaxation of age at the time of recruitment on account of disability

etc., also to be extended additional period of 5 years to his / her service qualifying

for pension.

Also, for Ex-servicemen their past services rendered in the Armed Force should

be added to his / her service for qualifying for pension.

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