11th Bipartite
  1. Review and rationalization of Halting/Boarding/Traveling expenses.
  2. The Boarding expenses should be linked to lodging expenses.
  3. The existing system of allowing banks to fix the rates of reimbursement
  4. periodically should continue with a provision to review them annually.
  5. All officers should be eligible for travel by Air, irrespective of distance with
  6. Executive Class entitlement for Senior Management.
  7. For places not connected by Air, Officers should be permitted to travel by
  8. st AC-I Class by rail.
  9. Option to be granted for travel by road in any other mode also including
  10. own vehicle. Seeking permission of the competent authority to be done
  11. away with in case of exigency and emergent circumstances
  12. Lodging & Boarding expenses and diem allowance for 15 days proposed.

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