11th Bipartite

Thanks to the awareness that has been created amongst the women in the country

over the last several years to excel on par with men in all walks of life, the intake of

the lady officers in the banking industry has very substantially increased in

almost all the banks. It is nearly 50% of the total recruitment in some of the banks

and it may increase in due course due to the changing demographic profile of

employable educated youth.

They are also to-day accepting challenging postings, transfers, and specialized

areas in the banks without any hesitation. They are now in a position to accept

higher responsibility in their career and look to head the institutions eventually.

The Officers Organisations have been receiving a number of representations,

memorandum and also resolutions highlighting the problems of the lady officers

through the various conferences as well as the Women’s wing. Based on these

feelers and suggestions, it has been decided to exclusively devote a chapter to

consider their special situation and demand appropriate relief from the Indian

Banks’ Association.

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