11th Bipartite

One of the major concerns of the lady Officers has been their placements and

postings in the banks. The country is yet to develop in the matter of infrastructure,

the facilities exclusively to the lady members in different places. Hence, a separate

Transfer / placement Policy taking into account the problems of the lady officers

should be designed and forwarded to the member banks by IBA. The IT sector is a

classical example where a lot of sympathy is shown to the women employees in the

matter of posting and placement in order to get the best from them. Yet another

major consideration is their safety and security at different centers.

The lady Officers need to be extended the benefit of flexi-time and flexi-place

concept. They should be given choice of their place at the time of transfer and

placement keeping their difficulties in view. The Banks should be advised to keep

one exclusive lady Officer in charge of Personnel Administration in all the Banks

to attend to their exclusive issues including transfer, placement etc.

The lady Officers whose spouses are working elsewhere should be

accommodated at the same place. Similarly, where the wife and husband are

employed in the same bank, they should also be accommodated at the same

centre. The spouse policy given by the Government should be implemented in


Flexi timing as well as work from home facility should be introduced for a limited

period of 3 years during the entire service

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